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Fisciano, not only a University

Between Irno and Sarno valleys there is Fisciano, a small town surrounded by olive groves, chestnut woods and hazel groves. It’s the seat of University of Salerno. Fisciano is an important crossroads among Avellino, Salerno and Naples.

It has been famous since 19th century for its cupric handicraft. The name “Fisciano” comes from “Fitsanus”, that is people who live in this area become healthy thanks to its salubrity. It was a noble village and it was chosen for long stays in villas. Lancusi, a hamlet, has an interesting record: Giovanni Venditti, in the “Reale Manifatturiera dei Piastrinai dei Borboni” invented the first automated gun. Today it is kept in the Museo delle Armi in Milan.

Sanseverino Prince liked very much the delicious wild boar meat (Sanseverino family ruled the town for almost six centuries). The Prince often went hunting. This atmosphere is created every year through Wild boar festival (September). In Fisciano there is Saint Michele di Mezzo Sanctuary, where Pope Gregory VII took refuge. Near the Sanctuary there is a natural cave, with paintings and an altar dedicated to the Greek Virgin.






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